1g Zkittlez $50.00

$50.00 Zkittles 1gm

CherryCookies 1g

$50.00 Cherry Cookies 1gm

Green Crack 1gm

$50.00 Green Crack 1gm

Green Apple Syrup $40

Green Apple Syrup $40 500 ml THC Distillate 80.9%

Blueberry Syrup $40

$40.00 Blueberry syrup 500ml THC distillate 80.9%

Cherry Syrup

$40.00 Cherry Syrup 500ml THC distillate 80.1%


Day Tincture 300mg THC 80.9%. $30.00

Super Skunk Shatter .5gm

$25.00 Super Skunk Shatter .5gm

Blueberry Headband Crumble $60.00

Blueberry Headband Crumble 1gm $60.00

Blueberry Head Band Shatter .5gm

Blueberry Head Band Shatter .5gm $25.00

Amnesia Haze Shatter .5g

$25.00 Amnesia Haze Shatter .5g

Super Skunk Sugar Wax

$60.00 Super Skunk Sugar Wax 1gm

Blackberry Kush .5g 35.00

Blackberry Kush .5g 35.00


Cherry Cookies .5g 35.00

Mango Kush .5g 35.00

Mango Kush .5g 35.00

Pineapple Express 35.00

Pineapple Express .5g 35.00


Ak-47 .5g 35.00

Skywalker .5g 35

Skywalker OG .5g 35.00


Blue Dream .5g 35.00


$50.00 Rick Simpson Oil. Complete Terpene Profile. 1000mg Cannabis Extract. Indica Dominant Hybrid 1g weight.

Twisted Fruity Pebbles

$39.00 Twisted Fruity Pebbles

sour geek bites

Sour Geek Bites $39.00

Oklahoma Twisted Brownies

Oklahoma Twisted Brownies $39.00


Smoked Fairy Dust $40.00. Edible for drinks food or what ever edible you want to medicate.

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Green Crack 1gm

$50.00 Green Crack 1gm