Super Skunk

$8.00gm  Known for its strong skunky smell and deeply relaxing effects, Super Skunk is an indica-dominant crossbreed of Skunk #1 and an original Afghani strain. The sativa/indica ratio is 35:65, making this a decidedly physical strain that can help relieve bodily pain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety, as well as everyday stress. It's also effective at treating depression and lack of appetite. THC levels vary widely, depending on the batch and the lab that analyzes it, but it can apparently be fairly high, above20%. CBD levels are also hard to pin down, with estimates ranging from 0.26% to 2.4%, but neither reading is high enough to firmly recommend this for seizure disorders. Super Skunk delivers a euphoric body buzz that improves mood, sparks creativity, and encourages a carefree attitude. Paranoia is possible, but dry mouth and bloodshot eyes are more common. Like its parent strain, Super Skunk has a strong, pungent skunk aroma and an earthy, skunky flavor. The buds are a lighter green color with a light hazing of trichomes. 

Northern Lights


A combination of Northern Lights and Skunk #1. This offspring shows all of the benefits of both its parents. This strain has a strong Indica  soul that is sure to relax your day away.

Juicy Fruit


Named for its  fruity aromas, this Hybrid tastes and smells like fruit punch and lemon. Some say it taste like piña colada and plums. It provides a powerful head and body high. Juicy Fruit contains  CBD, meanwhile, making it a better choice for people who experience seizures or other symptoms that respond to CBD. Breeders created The strain by crossing an original Afghani indica with a pure Thai sativa. It provides a   euphoric mixed with physical relaxation.

Girl Scout Cookies Extreme


Girl Scout Cookies Extreme marijuana strain (not to be confused with the less extreme Girl Scout Cookies strain) is a hybrid between OG Kush and Durban Poison bred in California. Its aroma is lovely: a combination of sweetness and earthiness, along with a delightful high when consumed. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme makes the user feel completely relaxed as well as euphoric. As far as end of day strains go, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme is the best.

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